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SYSGuard 6001 is a solution for Data Centers, computer- or server rooms or any other location with IT-equipment that allows the monitoring of critical environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, fluid leak, smoke, airflow, air quality, air pressure, rack vibration via a central unit and external sensors. Our compact solution is easy to setup and use and sends alerts in case user-defined thresholds values are exceeded. Our solutions help small, midsize, enterprise and colocation Data Centers to increase efficiency, raise productivity and improve reliability.

Advanced Solution

SYSGuard 6001, which enables the professional monitoring and management of environment parameters with its user-friendly interface, is an optional advanced centralized system that ensures the IT infrastructure of your medium and large-scale data center is secured with a wide variety of sensor options and 3rd party (external) device integration. It provides high-level monitoring and management with its management software.



Key Features
Linux Based Operating System: Thanks to the secure operating system, it provides stable operability and future expansion.
Advanced Web Interface: User-friendly and feature-rich customizable interface for individual access.
Digital Auto-Calibrate Sensors: Stable sensors of our own design with high precision and automatic numerical calibration.
Graphic LCD Display High resolution graphic display
Plug and Play Easy Sensor installation and start up
Technical Specifications
Modular Structure 992 dry contact inputs support
3rd party device integration Advanced alarm system
Data monitoring, retrospective reporting 124 sensors support
496 relay outputs support Optional software
Management of different devices SNMP support

SYSGuard 6001 - Brochure


Please download and read our brochure for more detailed information.