SYSGuard 2001

Monitoring your computer rooms with ease to secure your IT operations by variety of sensors and user-friendly web interface with highly skillful centralized management software as an option for a superior management

The Compact Solution

The Compact Solution

SYSGuard 2001 is the ideal solution for environmental monitoring and management of your computer rooms for the supervision of critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, fluid leakage, smoke etc. as well as electrical on/off controls. The compact solution also enables you a smart individual cabinet system where appropriate.

Key Features

Linux Based Operating System

Secure and reliable operating system ensures the system stability and future expansions

Advanced Web Interface “WEBPack”

User-friendly, feature rich and customizable web interface for individual unit remote access

Digitally Auto-Calibrated Sensors

In house designed sensors with high accuracy and digital auto-calibration for consistent value readings

Graphic LCD display

128x64 pixels graphic display for any value and message displaying

Built-in GPRS Backup Option

This option provides redundancy of your network connectivity to access the device and continue your operation

Plug&Play Sensor Setup

Easy sensor start-up and operation

SYSGuard 2001


WEBPack is the individual built-in user-friendly and skilled web interface allowing web-based access to the main units of the SYSGuard and POWERGuard series.

The advanced software enables the users to design their customized dashboard smoothly for a detailed monitoring and management of all the power outlet sockets & sensor and volt free contact ports, as well as relay outputs.

User definition and authorization, remote access and update, detailed reporting and archiving are among the many features.

For a more professional approach regarding centralized data center and remote site total IT infrastructure management please refer to our cutting edge SMARTPack software.

Operational Properties

Power Supply Voltage 10,5 - 14,4 VDC typical 12 VDC
Power Consumption 0,22 - 0,36 A typical 0,24 A
2,64 - 4,62 W typical 2,88 W
Operational Temperature Range -10 +70 ℃
Operational Humidity Range 0 - 90 % Rh
Storage Temperature Range -40 +85 ℃
Storage Humidity Range 0 - 90 % Rh

Physical Properties

Dimensions (H x W x D) 44,14 x 200 x 600 mm
1,73 x 7,84 x 23,6 mm
Color Black
Weight 450 (+/- 5%) grams

Internal Temperature & Humidity Sensor Properties

Temperature Measurement Range -10 +70
Temperature Measurement Tolerance +/- 0,4
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0,1
Humidity Measurement Range 0 - 85 % Rh
Humidity Measurement Tolerance +/-3 % Rh
Humidity Measurement Resolution %0,1 Rh
Maximum Distance from Main Unit 3 m

Technical Properties

Analog / Water Sensor Port Dry Contact Input Relay Output
1 units 4 units 2 units
Analog resolution 10bit 5-12 VDC NO / NC
Voltage Range 0-5 VDC Isolated Max. 5A
Ethernet Port (1 Unit) Sensor Inputs (4 Units) RJ-11
1 Used for Internal T&H Sensor
External Power Input (max.=1A)