Exagate provides various solutions to cover data center and multi-site IT infrastructure needs for environmental and power monitoring & management.

Exagate Solution - Remote Site

Multi-site IT infrastructures like financial institutions, government agencies, police departments and also GSM mobile base stations, TV-Radio transmitter stations, Telecom exchanges, Military shelters, Transformer stations and other similar un-manned remote sites located indoor/outdoor are operating under severe harsh and volatile climate conditions and sometimes with difficult physical access. To secure their service sustainability Exagate offers remote site monitoring and energy management solutions to keep the quality of service levels and save your service budgets.

Solutions to monitor and manage the crucial parameters in such sites' data network enclosures and data system rooms:

  • Temperature and humidity controls
  • Water leakage control
  • Smoke, motion, door access controls
  • Air flow and air quality controls
  • Day I Night IP camera integration
  • Monitoring of generators, UPS, air conditioners and other critical IT related devices via protocols such as RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, SNMP etc.
  • Monitoring branch reactive panels via RS-485 module
  • Monitoring network status of the active devices
  • Anti-theft and sabotage monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
  • Powering generators and resetting network switches via relay output
  • Setting of alarms and informing by means of e-mail, SMS and voice calls to predefined users
  • Professionally recording and archiving reports
  • Centrally monitor and manage all the main and branch locations by users in different authorization levels

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