SMARTPack is the ultimate soft tool to monitor and manage the environmental and energy parameters of your data centers – multi-branch or remote sites. Strong 3rd party device integration and customized solutions enable total coverage and control of your physical IT infrastructure for service sustainability and reporting.

The “Key” Element

The “Key” Element

SMARTPack offers you maximum uptime for your IT infrastructure with high flexibility and efficiency to ensure your IT operability. On top of that bespoke solutions can also be offered on project basis. Detailed reporting and analysis could be realized by creating periodic reports enabling the control of the infrastructure costs leading to improved service quality.

Detailed Monitoring including 3rd Party devices

Detailed Monitoring including 3rd Party devices

Real time status monitoring of various critical parameters in your data centers, remote sites and total IT infrastructure with nearly all peripheral 3rd party mission critic devices can be monitored and managed by SMARTPack easily with a convenient licensing model such as UPS, CRAC, Energy Analyzers, ATS, Transformers, Generators etc. which possess a controller unit or any SNMP, ModBus, RS- 485, RS-232 etc. connectivity.

Key Features

Graphical & Numerical Report

• Temperature, humidity, airflow, air quality, energy etc. detailed reports
• Flood, smoke, vibration, movement, door access etc... alarm reports
• Remote site reports
• Connection failure reports

Energy Reports

• Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) reports
• Carbon Emission reports
• Energy consumption reports (UPS, CRAC, IT devices etc.)
• Energy cost reports
• Cooling capacity reports
• Energy trend reports

SMARTPack Software