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Exagate Basic PDU offers advanced and reliable power distribution for critical IT-equipment in racks or cabinets in Data Centers. Basic Rack PDUs have been developed for the power supply and continuity of your equipment. They have a shallow, aluminum profile and are available in horizontal and vertical models. We offer three phase or single-phase models and ratings of 10A up to 63A. Also, we support all worldwide AC voltage and current rates and supply the most options for input plugs (IEC, NEMA etc.) and outlet types (including Schuko). Exagate PDUs support a maximum operating temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius for reliable performance in dense, high heat environments.

Wide Product Family

POWERGuard Basic PDU enables power distribution for your data center cabinets. Basic PDUs with customer-oriented design can work stably up to 60 degrees ambient temperature and can make on-site measurements with an optionally integrated LCD display with "Hot Swap" feature.




Customized PDUs

We can produce customized PDUs with (a mix of) different socket types like C!3, C19

Secure Locking Outlets

Exagate rack PDUs can optionally be equipped with lockable outlets preventing power cords from coming unplugged due to human error or vibration.

Hydraulic-magnetic Circuit Breakers

Our PDUs are equipped with highly reliable hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers which are not affected by ambient temperature and support delay curves appropriate for IT- equipment, different interrupting capacity (IC) available to match Data Center manager requirements. Also, our solutions proactively monitor the status of the breakers in order to prevent down time due to server power supply failure or overloads.

Color Graphic TFT LCD Display

Our high-resolution screen enables you to see all parameters and messages.

Color Options

Exagate PDUs are available in the colours black, blue and red. Coloured PDUs make it easier to reduce human errors, identify power feeds and lowering the risk of unplanned down time.

POWERGuard Basic PDU - Brochure


Please download the POWERGuard Basic PDU brochure for more detailed information.