The Power Metering Solution per Outlet via MODBUS

The Power Metering Solution per Outlet via MODBUS

POWERGuard Outlet Metered MODBUS PDUs are the high end solution to securely supply and monitor your your rack power on total PDU and per outlet basis in your data centers. MODBUS connectivity ensures all detailed data flow and can be transferred over an auxiliary RS485 to Ethernet device server. Thanks to its customer driven design, the measuring accuracy of less than +/- 1% could be maintained up to 65 degrees Celcius. Multi-sensor hub, temperature independent circuit breakers and pure data oriented MODBUS port makes the PDUs a desirable and highly competitive price/performance choice in the market.

Key Features

Full Power Metering

monitoring V, A, kW, kVA, kWh, f, power factor for Total PDU and per Outlet as single or three phase models as well as with variety of environmental monitoring sensor option

Linux Based Operating System

Secure and reliable operating system ensures the system stability and future expansions

Advanced Web Interface “WEBPack”

user-friendly, feature rich and customizable web interface for individual unit remote access

Digitally Auto-Calibrated Sensors

in house designed sensors with high accuracy and digital auto-calibration for consistent value readings

Plug&Play Sensor Setup

Easy sensor start-up and operation

MODBUS Connectivity

replacing the IP Connectivity for the competitive price/performance choice


enabling to cascade MODBUS and IP PDUs by utilizing only one IP address

Zero U, 48 x 56 mm (D x W) Profile

very compact profile size

Less than +/- 1% Accuracy

ensures highly accurate measurements for the billing grade

Stable Reading and Measurements

maintaining measurement accuracy up to 65 degrees Celcius

Temperature independent Circuit Breakers

hydro magnetic circuit breakers for accurate and temperature independent breaker behavior

Secure Sleeve for IEC 60309 C14 Cable Connector Option

solidifies the connection between the IEC C14 power cord plug and the IEC 13 panel mount receptacle


WEBPack is the individual built-in user-friendly and skilled web interface allowing web-based access to the main units of the SYSGuard and POWERGuard series.

The advanced software enables the users to design their customized dashboard smoothly for a detailed monitoring and management of all the power outlet sockets & sensor and volt free contact ports, as well as relay outputs.

User definition and authorization, remote access and update, detailed reporting and archiving are among the many features.

For a more professional approach regarding centralized data center and remote site total IT infrastructure management please refer to our cutting edge SMARTPack software.

Model Reference List for POWERGuard Outlet Metered MODBUS PDU

Product Code Description
PWG-9332-318-96-SMB POWERGuard MODBUS PDU, 32A Single Phase ZeroU, 24 x IEC Sockets (18 x C13 - 6 x C19), PDU and Outlet Based Metering
PWG-9332-320-94-SMB POWERGuard MODBUS PDU, 32A Single Phase ZeroU, 24 x IEC Sockets (20 x C13 - 4 x C19), PDU and Outlet Based Metering
PWG-9332-324-90-SMB POWERGuard MODBUS PDU, 32A Single Phase ZeroU, 24 x IEC Sockets (24 x C13), PDU and Outlet Based Metering