EXAGATE’s mission is to offer high-end solutions to secure your DATACENTERS’ and REMOTE SITES’ IT infrastructure for maximizing UPTIME backed by the vision for maintaining the ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

Exagate About Us

Founded in year 2006 as a Research & Development company for environmental monitoring and control, Exagate is the smart solutions vendor for your environmental monitoring, power distribution units and energy management needs in your data centers and multi-branch IT enterprise infrastructures, telecom cellular - satellite – broadband wireless and similar type of remote sites. Being privately held, Exagate is based in Istanbul/Turkey with its all manufacturing and research facilities investing a considerable part of its revenues to R&D.

Exagate is focusing to offer high-end solutions which will secure your IT infrastructure against data loss due to environmental parameters and manage your energy systems effectively. Based on this while continuously updating its current generic product line, Exagate frequently presents new solutions to the market to meet the IT energy efficiency and system operability challenges to maximize uptime. Bespoke software and hardware solutions for particular IT and Telecom projects are one of the core businesses of Exagate as well.


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